Wednesday, 20 September, 2017
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The Ladies Board Rummage Sale - For Volunteers

For all the excitement the weekend Sale brings, the ‘real fun’ for our volunteers begins on Monday, October 9 – the kick-off of “Rummage Week” preceding the 79th Annual Ladies Board Rummage Sale is almost here. Sale dates are Saturday, October 14, and Sunday, October 15, 2017. Once again, the event will be at Morven Park Equestrian Center at 41580 Sunday Morning Lane in Leesburg, Virginia.  

If you’ve never volunteered and experienced the camaraderie of this fundraising effort, please join us for a day or several.  To volunteer, please email or call (703)771-2985.  Volunteers will return your call as early as possible.  Remember to sign up early to secure your department of choice.

When you arrive on the grounds for the first day of volunteering, please check in at the Registration Desk.  We’ll ask for basic contact information, loan you a worker apron, name badge, a copy of the volunteer rules, and assign you to a department.   If you’ve been recruited by a Department Manager or another volunteer, you may already know where you want to work.   If the department is full, we may ask your help in another area.   There is always a department (or a few) in need of more volunteers.

There is a lunch room with a nominal cost of $5.00/per person per meal.  Sit and rejuvenate before heading back to the sorting area or your department.  The lunch menu is posted at the Registration Desk as well as in the Café.   Most days, there is a table in the Café brimming with home-made desserts donated by members of the Ladies Board.  

The event wouldn’t be possible without the incredible commitment of the volunteer “army.”  Months of gathering donations from all corners of Loudoun County precede the Sale.  The donation drive culminates when nearly 500 volunteers descend on Morven Park during Rummage Week to unpack, sort and display roughly the equivalent of 16 tractor trailers full of donations.

On Monday of Rummage Week, the vacant expanse of the Morven Park Equestrian Center barns, indoor arenas, and party tents come alive with hundreds of volunteers setting up tables, sorting the truck-loads of clothes, furniture, dishes, toys, books, etc.  It’s a hub of organized chaos!

By Tuesday, even as the yeoman’s work of the sorting crews continues, organized departments begin to take shape such as Holiday, Boutique, Children’s, Furniture, Jewelry, and so on. The Department Managers and their teams do an outstanding job of displaying and pricing the items, and work to ensure the shopping experience is the best yet!

Wednesday and Thursday are when you’ll hear “I think there’s more stuff this year than ever before!” The donation trucks continue arriving with even more treasure, and the volunteers hustle to stay ahead of the storage trailers being unloaded from morning til dusk.

By Friday, everyone is exhausted yet excited for the next, great Rummage Sale to begin.  Friday morning is usually quite hectic with last-minute donations and final preparations.  One of the fun benefits for a volunteer who works a minimum of 24 hours (three full days) is that the volunteer is given the opportunity to shop between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Friday.  A 10% surcharge is added to the already low prices since the shopper, at this point, has the first choice of the treasures. This is a vital point of credibility with the community.   Volunteers who work less than the required 24 hours are ineligible to shop during this two-hour window, but we welcome their volunteer efforts just the same!

Saturday and Sunday are exhilarating!  The arenas, barns and tents are a sea of shoppers and Sale enthusiasts come from multiple states to enjoy the madness.  We love it, and we think you will too! We can guarantee this isn’t a black-tie fundraiser…it’s a “sneakers on, make a mad dash for it” kind of day.

Thank you in advance for considering a donation of your valuable time. And a very special thanks to the dedicated volunteers who return year after year to make this Sale such an overwhelming success for our community and our hospital.